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Flooding in Russia Strands Dozens of Animals at Zoo [PICS]


Flooding in a Russian zoo trapped numerous animals in their enclosures and drowned countless others.

A private zoo owner in Ussuriysk, Russia is facing criminal charges after failing to evacuate dozens of animals that were trapped inside their cages as a nearby river overflowed into their exhibits.

Police and rescue teams moved in to remove some of the less dangerous animals, but had to leave many of the larger and more dangerous animals to ride out the flooding.

So far, bears, lions, wolves, cats, boars, and countless other animals have already spent an entire day in their submerged enclosures. Others including foxes, goats, and one bear were not so fortunate and have already drowned in their cages.

The Moscow Times

“The animals haven’t eaten or slept for several days now, they’re exhausted and dying of fatigue,” said Sergeir Asnovin the director of the nearby Vladivostok Zoo who hopes to help accommodate some of the animals until the water recedes.

Some volunteers braved going inside the enclosures to build wooden pedestals above the water for the animals to stand on and try to pump some of the water out.

“It is impossible to take them out of the cages at the moment. All the entrances are flooded, and there’s no possibility of lifting the cages from the pedastals,” said local officials.

Zoo workers are currently trying to keep the animals fed and as comfortable as possible until the waters recede.

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Flooding in Russia Strands Dozens of Animals at Zoo [PICS]