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Mosquito Lagoon, Florida’s Premier Flats Fishing [VIDEO]

Central Florida’s Mosquito Lagoon is a classic fishing locale.

Mosquito Lagoon will give up some of the largest Bull Reds and Gator Trout around.

In this video from Addictive Fishing, Capt. Blair hits Mosquito Lagoon on a cloudy day, and shows just what the area is known for.

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The area has hosted many fishing specials due to its unusually high population of Red Drum. Red Drum typically move to strong tidal currents to spawn, but the population in this lagoon like to do things a little different.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission partnered with biologists at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center to investigate the seasonal movement patterns of adult Red Drum. They found that many of the fish stayed in the lagoon during the spawning season, proving that this area serves a critical role in the life history of the Red Drum species. Read more at

Have you ever fished Mosquito Lagoon? Do you know of a place that could rival it?


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Mosquito Lagoon, Florida’s Premier Flats Fishing [VIDEO]