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Floating Hotel Rooms Would be an Angler’s Paradise [PICS]

All images via Salt & Water

This floating hotel is an anglers and outdoor enthusiast dream.

This design from Salt & Water is the future of houseboats and inland water tourism.

The idea of floating hotels is one the rise around the world. And it’s for good reason. They bridge the gap of staying in a hotel and fishing non-stop.

103 house boat

The hotel would feature catamaran-apartments that are meant to roam off to their own spots of solitude and explore the river or lake. Each catamaran has an outdoor deck, family room, bathroom, closets, and sleeping area. A catamaran has room for 2-4 guests.

102 house boat

The main part of the hotel would have a restaurant, reception area, event space, and offices for staff.

The picture looks like the hotel is almost a moving boat dock. The design was inspired to stay in touch with nature.

104 house boat

The design has recently won the Millennial Yacht Design Award. It is certainly a fresh idea and has many windows for constant nature emersion.

If you ever had to choose between a cruise or a hotel, you might not have to anymore.

105 house boat

This might not be for everyone, but it would likely introduce more people to the great outdoors. Also, a fishing trip in one floating apartment would certainly be an interesting experience.

Who knows, maybe floating hotel rooms are the future. Only time will tell. In the meantime, I’ll be headed to the north woods for a cabin.

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Floating Hotel Rooms Would be an Angler’s Paradise [PICS]