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Float Tube and Pontoon Fishing Wish List

Float tube and pontoon fishing has become a popular activity in the game fishing world, and we wanted to share some ideas that would make great gifts for the aspiring angler.

Whether someone is in the market for a float tube, wants to graduate to a pontoon, or is in need of some accessories to make the most of each and every cast, consider these gifts.

The White River Fly Shop Lost Lake Round Float Tube is a great tube to take on the first or the fifteenth float tube trip you've ever been on, meaning it's as good for beginners as it is for the experienced. Triple-stitched seams keep everything watertight, and tough, durable 420 denier nylon will stand up well, even to an errant hook.

Storage, which is super important in float tubes, is abundant in the Lost Lake model. In fact, it could even be used in duck hunting and still have room for the extra equipment involved.

white river fly shop round lakePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

The Outcast Fish Cat Streamer XL- IR Pontoon Boat takes things into overdrive, with a great pontoon for a really decent price. The six-piece steel frame was designed with the angler in mind, with sturdy but compact construction. Two six-foot aluminum oars will get you where you need to be to catch a keeper, and the pontoons themselves are made of 600 Denier PVC. Adjustable foot bars will make it a comfortable ride for anyone.

outcast fishPhoto via Bass Pro Shops


Lost Lake Kickers are the alternative to oars, and could easily be used with a pontoon as well as a tube float. We all know fins are the efficient way to move in the water, and these have strong adjustable straps to give anyone some handy webbed feet. Best of all, they'll fit nicely over wading boots.

lost lakePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

White River Fly Shop Rod Holder would be a wise choice for someone who already has a pontoon or tube float, or really any vessel with a girth of 59 inches or less. It's great for holding a second pole, trolling or freeing hands for lure or fly attachment.

 rodholderPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Unless your rig already has a built-in anchor, consider the Outcast Float Tube Anchor Package. Ideally you'll need to stay in one spot because the fish are biting, and the Outcast Anchor Package will do the job. Two pounds, 100 feet of line, and a handy carrying case; what else could you ask for in a reliable anchor?

 anchor packagePhoto via Bass Pro Shops

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Float Tube and Pontoon Fishing Wish List