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You Know You Want This Float Tube/Backpack [VIDEO]

Portable, lightweight, AND useful during a zombie apocalypse? Sold.

There’s little better out there than walking up to a serene coastline, assembling a favorite rod and reel, prepping bait and casting out. A simple, easy way to enjoy nature, and grab dinner for the cost of a bait tin and a couple of peaceful hours.

Nothing except fishing off a boat, that is. Fishing off a boat is amazing. It allows you the freedom to explore a body of water, to find hidden coves an inlets with the shade just right, and to search the deeper waters for bigger game. Being on a boat, simply put, is awesome.

Once you’re on the water, that is. Getting the boat to the water? Inconvenient. Time Consuming. Downright dangerous. It can take a chunk out of a day better spent, you know, fishing.

Well, fellow anglers. Hold on to your tackle box.

Now you can hike in, pump up, and fish to your hearts content.

Cumberland’s awesome Float Tube weighs just 17LBS in backpack form, and their heavy-duty models can carry up to 350LBS when fully inflated. Perfect for the boat angler who wants to travel light.

More awesome gear for sportsmen and women

The PVC-bottomed float comes standard with a raised seat, double rod (and beverage) holders, and a built in ruler to make sure your catch meets regs. You won’t even care that their promo video model has some very serious crazy eyes.

How do you propel yourself through the water, you might ask, to avoid aimlessly drifting out to sea? Details! Point is, you could do a lot worse for $200 of fishing money. Or for a last ditch attempt not to be eaten by zombies. Just don’t forget the pump.

So what do you think? Next evolution in fishing/zombie evasion? Or just a sinker? Let us know in the comments below.

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You Know You Want This Float Tube/Backpack [VIDEO]