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The FlickCo Tote Allows You to Unload All Your Fishing Tackle at Once

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Quit making multiple trips from your fishing spot to the truck with this cool collapsible fishing tote from FlickCo.

While an all day fishing trip can be a blast with the family, it always stinks having to make multiple trips back and forth unloading coolers, gear, and more. Eliminate that hassle with one of these cool collapsible fishing totes so you can spend more time reeling in those fish.

Ken Flickinger is a long time fisherman and was tired of making multiple trips from his fishing hole to his car while out fishing. He took an old golf bag caddy and turned it into a awesome fishing tote that any shore fisherman is sure to want. Check the FlickCo fishing tote in action below.

This is a really great idea and as a mostly shore angler myself, I’m really intrigued. It really does suck having to make for or five trips to your vehicle when all you want to do is drop a line in the water and relax. I also really like how small it collapsed down to really help save space among your other gear.

I could really see this being extremely well utilized for people who fish the surf at beaches. You could really cover a lot more shoreline by being able to easily throw all your stuff on it and casually stroll away to another spot.

The FlickCo fishing tote can hold a 48 qt. cooler, two large tackle boxes, 1 medium tackle box, 4 fishing poles, 5 gallon bait bucket, two fold up-chairs, and more. It retails for $299.00, but they are offering a special pre-order for $249.00.

Check out FlickCoTotes for more information.

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The FlickCo Tote Allows You to Unload All Your Fishing Tackle at Once