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Flextone's New Tramp Stamp Aluminum Will Reach Out and Touch 'Em

Images via Flextone

Flextone has added an aluminum version to their Tramp Stamp line of pot calls.

Experienced turkey hunters know the value of having a call for every situation in the spring woods and the new Tramp Stamp Aluminum is definitely worth considering for windy day conditions.

While some hunters choose to stay at home when the spring wind howls, diehard turkey chasers hit the field, knowing that every day of the spring season is precious. The problem with hunting in windy conditions is that the noisy woods make it hard for hunters to hear gobbling birds and vice versa.

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The solution? Get loud. The Tramp Stamp Aluminum produces high volume, high frequency yelps to cut through the stiffest winds and get that gobbler coming. The calls' unique tone can also be used to pique the interest of a gobbler that's started your direction, but subsequently hung up.

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The Flextone Tramp Stamp Aluminum is covered in Realtree Xtra Green and comes with a conditioning pad and a Magnum hickory striker. Pick one up and add it to your turkey vest. You'll be glad you did when you're standing over a big windy day gobbler.

Images via Flextone

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Flextone's New Tramp Stamp Aluminum Will Reach Out and Touch 'Em