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Flesh Eating Bacteria Kills Texas Fisherman [VIDEO]

A Texas fisherman died in late February from a flesh eating bacteria he contracted from a popular Texas fishing lake.

Travis Lee Moore, 74, contracted the bacteria through a cut on his finger while fishing on Lake Conroe north of Houston.

Moore, a retired firefighter, scraped his finger during the fishing trip and thought nothing of the minor wound. Two days later he was rushed to the hospital after becoming seriously ill. The Texas fisherman died the following Friday.

A autopsy done on Feb. 28 on Moore’s body revealed that necrotizing fasciitis, a strain of flesh eating bacteria, had entered his body through the cut on his finger. The bacteria spread rapidly through his bloodstream and ate away at his body tissue. Doctors were not able to determine if the bacteria came from the lake water or from the fish that he had caught.

Moore was fishing with his brothers at the time. One of them said he’s not convinced that the fish was the source of the bacteria.

“I don’t think it was the fish,” he said. “Now, that’s my opinion.”

Here’s KHOU11’s report on the story.

The incident is alarming for several reasons, but mainly because anglers fish Lake Conroe all the time. If anything, it underscores the importance of taking extra precaution to treat cuts when they happen on the water.

Are you concerned about bacteria getting into cuts and scrapes when you fish? Share your insight in the comments section. 

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Flesh Eating Bacteria Kills Texas Fisherman [VIDEO]