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Flea Market Find of the Week: A Giant Burmese Python in Florida [PICS]

Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue

Musty linens? Check. Hand-me-down jeans? Check. Eight-foot-long Burmese python? Wait, WHAT!

Rummaging through a stack of flea market clothes coughed up much more than a bargain for a Miami-Dade, Florida customer. She unearthed an eight-feet long Burmese python, conveniently next to the camo shirts on the table.

Weighing about 40 pounds and nursing a bulge in its belly from a recently-eaten meal, this massive reptile was found at the open-air Homestead flea market coiled amongst the garments as it slowly let digestion take place.

Photo: Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue
Image via Miami Herald

The booth owner was quickly alerted and immediately contacted fire and rescue crews.

“It’s a good thing the customer didn’t grab it,” said Miami-Dade Fire-Rescue Lt. Scott Mullen, explaining that pythons have more than 100 sharp teeth and a mean bite. Despite those frightening features, they are not venomous.

With fields being cleared for harvest at this time of year, finding pythons in Homestead is apparently fairly common. The snake was removed without any injuries and was handed over to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Image via Miami Herald

Let this be a lesson for those who scour flea markets for sweet deals. You may unearth a bargain, but don’t be surprised if it comes with a bite!

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Flea Market Find of the Week: A Giant Burmese Python in Florida [PICS]