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Police Plead with Residents to Quit Taking Selfies with Local Alligator

Flat Creek Floyd

Would you attempt a selfie with Flat Creek Floyd?

Residents have been lining up in Peachtree City, Ga., to get a selfie with Flat Creek Floyd as they now refer to him. The Fayette County alligator is a first for these folks who typically don’t have gators travel this close to Atlanta.

The gator has been given the name Flat Creek Floyd because he was spotted under the Flat Creek Bridge on Highway 74.

Of all people, a truck driver, Bruce Traylor,  spotted the gator and said it looked like a torn tire as we crossed over the bridge. To his surprise it wasn’t even close.

“This has a gone a little crazy on social media, and it has encouraged people to come out here and look for this alligator — and feed it — or talk to it. Whatever,” said Lt. Mark Brown of the Peachtree City Police Department.

The police department says the bridge has now been a popular place for people to stop and observe the alligator and snap a selfie with it.

“Selfie reports,” Brown said. “All sorts of different things. I understand, it’s unique for our city to have an alligator in our creeks. We contacted the Department of Natural Resources, and DNR says the nuisance is the people harassing it.”

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Police Plead with Residents to Quit Taking Selfies with Local Alligator