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Is This Flashless Gunpowder the Real Deal? [VIDEO]

flashless gunpowder

Could flashless gunpowder really be the next big thing? You be the judge.

Big claims need a lot of evidence proving them to be true in order for them to be accepted. The claim of having formulated a flashless gunpowder qualifies as one of those big claims. The information presented in the following video seems to support the creator’s claims that this flashless gunpowder produces a significantly reduced muzzle flash when fired.

However, there really isn’t much information to go one besides some brief flashes of light during the comparison shots in the video. I know that I personally will need to see a lot more evidence of the effectiveness of flashless gunpowder before I become a true believer.

The ballistic information on this new type of gunpowder, and how it will perform in various firearms, will also be important to learn more about. Flashless gunpowder seems like an idea that would have limited civilian use, but I could see it being helpful in military situations. However, a less blinding flash could also help concealed carry permit holders who find themselves forced to draw and fire make more accurate shots and perhaps save their lives.

It will be interesting to see how this flashless gunpowder develops in the future. It may just be another flash in the pan.

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Is This Flashless Gunpowder the Real Deal? [VIDEO]