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Flash Floods Are No Joking Matter [VIDEO]

Flash floods are one of nature’s deadliest tricks and can descend on you quickly.

When these deadly floods sweep past, they pack a massive punch. Watch this video and see the speed and force behind a flash flood.

Flash floods kill and injure far too many people each year. Though many people think they can drive through the water on a flooded road, it is extremely dangerous and leads to most accidents.

Never try this, as even a couple inches of water have an incredible force behind them. Your vehicle and you will be miles downstream with the danger of becoming submerged very quickly.

If out in the backcountry, be aware of weather, especially at higher altitudes, that could drop torrential rainfall. This, in turn, could flood you out, though it may be sunny and bright in your current location.

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Flash Floods Are No Joking Matter [VIDEO]