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Flash Flood Fills River With Extreme Fury [VIDEO]

flash flood
Facebook/U.S Severe Weather Network

This video shows just how deadly and unexpected a flash flood can really be.

Flooding is one of nature’s most destructive and uncontrollable forces. The only thing you need to see to confirm that is this footage of a violent flash flood in Switzerland. The river looks as calm as can be at first. Just keep watching and your jaw will surely drop.

This kind of flash flood occurs when an area upstream gets rain. It doesn’t even have to necessarily be a heavy rain. Even a low amount of rainfall can lead to a flash flood. This is why it is vital to always check forecasts before planning a day fishing on a river that is prone to having a flash flood. Even though this video occurred in Switzerland, it can also happen in several different places in the United States.

The sheer power of a flash flood is truly astounding. The video shows massive logs being tossed around like toothpicks. The people who filmed the video were aware of the impending flood from an issued warning. It is a remarkable event to see it unfold from high ground, but it would be absolutely terrifying if you were caught on the river during it.

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Flash Flood Fills River With Extreme Fury [VIDEO]