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A Flamethrower for Clearing Snow? Apparently Not.


A flamethrower can make the perfect tool for clearing snow. There's just one problem: the police.

Todd Fox, a resident of Fargo, N.D., found out this week that it is apparently not okay to use a flamethrower to clear the snow out of your yard. Fox was arrested for reckless endangerment after neighbors called police because of a giant explosion of fire in Fox's yard.

Fox told police he was just "fed up with battling the elements," which makes sense, considering Fargo usually gets about 29 inches of snowfall per year.

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Fargo Police say Fox surrendered his flamethrower as soon as they arrived, and that his front yard "looked like a hydrogen bomb had gone off."

They could tell Fox was clearly in distress about the amount of snow clearing he has had to do so far this winter, even going so far as to say they thought he was happy to go to jail if it meant he was done with snow blowing.

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A Flamethrower for Clearing Snow? Apparently Not.