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FlameStower Handily Charges USB Devices with Fire


This portable and compact "FlameStower" charges USB devices with fire.

Sometimes connecting with nature unfortunately means disconnecting with those around you. Much of modern technology isn't developed with the outdoorsman in mind. It's not always a bad thing to be out of range or away from a wall socket to charge a phone. Sometimes being out of reach is what it's all about.

However, as technology progresses, smart phones are becoming new age multi-tools, combining apps for flashlights, cameras, and maps in a pocket sized package. But what happens when you're relying on that tool and the battery dies? How do you charge it in the wilderness? That's where Stower Energy's product, the "FlameStower" comes into play.

The FlameStower is a compact, folding device not much larger than a cell phone itself that retracts into a stand with a small water reservoir that derives power from the heat produced by a campstove or small campfire. The retractable stand is adjustable so you can compensate for the height of the flame and includes a leg assembly for added stability.

The device will produce a charge within about 30 seconds of direct heat, and you can plug in anything that accepts a USB cable, cell phones, headlamps, cameras, etc. You can still make use of your electronic multi-tool, even if you're out of range from the boss calling you into work. With that kind of convenience, there will probably be a lot of people using their phones to call in to work for a day off...

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FlameStower Handily Charges USB Devices with Fire