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A Flame-Throwing Drone Helps Prepare the Holiday Turkey

Watch this flame-throwing drone help with holiday meal prep.

As if there weren’t enough people needing skin grafts after deep frying their turkeys, now we can add flame throwing drones to the list of ways to disfigure yourself during the holidays.

And why not? The best things in this world tend to be combinations of already great things: peanut butter and chocolate, movies and popcorn. Why not combine radio controlled flight with fire?

The guys at Hobby King decided to do just that and outfitted this custom drone with fuel, a torch and an onboard camera for another angle on the pyrotechnic aviation. Get the gravy and stuffing ready…

I wonder what the neighbors thought?

Imagine what you could get done with a flame throwing drone! Pesky neighborhood cats would no longer be an issue. If the local teens TP your trees you’d just yawn while you worked the remote incinerating the mess. Piles of leaves would just be targets for a training flight.

While this drone may not be something critical for our daily lives, the way it combines flight, fire and the potential for extreme injury have to be admired.


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A Flame-Throwing Drone Helps Prepare the Holiday Turkey