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Watch Divers Escape Great White by Swimming Inside Sunken Wreck

YouTube/Shawn Dickens

I'm almost pretty sure that this wreck diving team didn't think that a 14-foot great white would be lurking below the surface.

Avid underwater divers travel to the Florida Keys for the warm water, amazing wreck diving, clear visibility and abundance of magnificent coral. Because of the calm seas, many inexperienced divers also travel here to get certified in a comfortable and fun setting.

No matter what skill level or experienced you are, being prepared to come face to face with a 14 foot great white shark isn't something that any book can really prepare you for.

Watch how these divers escaped this goliath shark in Key Largo, Fla.

There was great thinking at work by continuing the dive and taking cover inside of The Duane to avoid more contact with the shark.

As a fellow diver, I can't even begin to describe how impressive it was to watch this group stay nearly unshaken after encountering that massive great white less than 2 minutes into the dive. How would you feel if it came swimming up out of the deep blue right at you?

Yet again, this is another phenomenal example of great whites displaying their curiosity without attacking and creating havoc in the water.


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Watch Divers Escape Great White by Swimming Inside Sunken Wreck