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5 Tips from the Best Hunters in the World

These five tips from the best hunters in the world are certain to help you this fall.

We all want to be the best hunter we possibly can. Take it from these experts who have been in the business for several decades. Here is some advice from 5 of the best hunters in the world.

1. On family - Jim Shockey

"Hunting is family, and family is hunting. The time you spend in the outdoors with your family creates the bonds that makes the strength of this nation. Makes the strength of this great western culture that we live in. When you hunt together with your family members, you create bonds that last through generations, last through time. Hunting and family are the same thing, they go together."

2. Timber stand improvement - Dr. Grant Woods

"Deer will pass through a closed canopy forest with no attraction, it's difficult to pattern deer, difficult to hunt. There's no reason for deer to funnel or bottle neck if it's the same as the neighbors."

"One of things you can do is timber management with a hack-and-squirt technique."

3. How to make it in the hunting industry - Michael Waddell

"All of us our professional hunters in our own be a professional hunter is someone who promotes...ask yourself if you passionately love it. If all of a sudden there was no chance to be a public figure would you still hunt? Is it in your heart? Are you going crazy because you're trying to get a week off work, so you can hunt the rut?"

4. On conservation - Randy Newberg

"Oftentimes when people ask me why I hunt, I ask them do you grow your own garden? Do you go to the farmer's market to get fresh fruit, fresh vegetables...these woods, these hills, these waters, this is my farmer's market. This is where I get my food. If something is going to die so I can eat, I want that blood on my hands. I don't want to write a check or scan my credit card so the blood can be on somebody else's hands."

"We don't just do it through our participation. We do it through our funding, our volunteerism, our advocacy. When I say I am a hunter that means a lot. That means I am committed to conservation."

5. On whitetail bedding - Jeff Sturgis

"Deer have to have that level spot to bed in. Another thing too is they love to back up against a tree or log or something like that. We've created a massive canopy by using a dead tree. You need to cut something large enough to get that horizontal bridging effect to where you can tie and hinge trees to create that canopy."

Even though all of these guys come from different backgrounds they still have a lot to offer which is why they are some of the best hunters in the world.

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5 Tips from the Best Hunters in the World