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Five Plead Guilty to Poaching Bighorn Sheep in Alberta

bighorn sheep
Travis Smola

Five men have been found guilty of poaching and leaving bighorn rams to waste in Alberta.

In a big victory for the good guys, five men will face fines and loss of hunting licenses after they poached four bighorn sheep.

Timothy, Anthony and Tyler Yach, along with Matthew Lecerf and Seth Gould all pled guilty to various charges in Provincal Court. The charges included hunting during a closed season, abandoning big game animals and misleading wildlife officers.

The men allegedly shot the four rams in the Gregg River Mineral Surface lease outside of Cadomin, Alberta. The area has been off-limits to hunters and the public for the past 30 years.

The men, all from Sylvan Lake, Alberta, were caught when Fish and Wildlife officers investigated a trespassing complaint in August of 2013. Fish and Wildlife officers located the men in a truck in the area. When confronted, Fish and Wildlife says they denied hunting or shooting on the site.

However, an investigation using DNA testing revealed otherwise. Fish and Wildlife found they had been responsible for shooting four rams.

“All four trophy rams, including the head and meat were left to spoil,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife said on their Facebook page.

All of the men received one-year suspensions of their hunting licenses and each received fines totaling $24,500. Some of this money will go back to Alberta Fish and Wildlife and some will go to a wildlife aerial survey program.

Alberta Fish and Game thanked those who reported the incident and reminded others to report potential poaching activities via their anti-poaching hotline.

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Five Plead Guilty to Poaching Bighorn Sheep in Alberta