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Five Kayak Fishing Gear Must-Haves for 2014

These five kayak fishing gear picks will help take your yak angling skills to the next level.

Native Watercraft Propel 13

If you're a fisherman, you understand the "need" for new gear. If you happen to be a kayak fisherman, you know that need is even stronger.

There's a vast amount of new gear out there. Kayak fishing is evolving and growing at an astounding rate. Experts estimate the sports has grow twelve hundred percent over the last five years. Needless to say, there's lots of cool stuff out there for us kayak anglers!

Here's a rundown of five kayak fishing gear picks that will make your kayak fishing experience this year extraordinary.

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Jackson Kayak Big Rig

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Jackson Kayaks are nothing short of a never-ending nightmare for fish. The storied brand's new Big Rig is the latest in their great line of paddle-powered kayaks. This single person sit-on-top yak is designed for extreme stability and all water fish-ability. Jackson used some of the best features and attributes from their entire fishing lineup in this kayak. Standout features include Jackson's patented Elite Seat, with high and low settings, a customizable gear trac, casting bar and rough rough and rod tip protector. If you fish standing up, then this is a kayak you'll need in your garage!

YakAttack CellBlok

This seemingly simple, yet infinitely customizable battery box will solve all of your depth finder installation problems. With several wires, limited space and dozens of different sizes, mounting electronics on a kayak can make a preacher cuss. The YakAttack CellBlok is "one and done" application that solves any and all concerns you might have with how to mount your fish finder on your yak. With its all inclusive design, you now have a place for your battery, transducer arm, display and the seemingly never ending string of wires that's clean and functional. The brilliant mind of Luther Cifers, President of YakAttack, has turned out yet another simple, and awesome fix for kayak fisherman.

Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13

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So you'd rather pedal than paddle? Whether it's a physical limitation or personal preference, there's an ever growing number of kayak anglers choosing pedal-powered kayaks.

The new Slayer Propel is purpose built fishing from the hull up. With a unique prop driven propulsion system, this 13-foot 2-inch kayak is the only one on the water capable of going in reverse.

If you've ever tried kayak fishing in wind or current you'll realize how crucial the ability to move back into key fishing spots, or hold in swift water, is to your success. With features like the "Groove" accessory attachment system, First Class seat and a dedicated electronics console, the Native Watercraft Slayer Propel 13 is truly a game changer for the sport of kayak fishing.

Manley Rods Adjust-A-Butt Rod

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Traditional fishing rods are designed to be used while standing in a larger boat. This makes some rods, especially larger, longer rods designed for specific baits, a real pain to fish with from a kayak.

Manley Rods has designed a creative, and very functional, solution for us kayak fisherman. The Adjust-A-Butt rod has an adjustable rod butt section to adapt to changing needs of kayak anglers.

The leverage gained by being able to adjust the rod length based on the fish you're fighting is a huge addition to your ability to land big fish from the seat of a kayak. The increased sensitivity of the system also helps improve hookups on light bites. This is a new breed of rod for a new breed of fisherman.


Stewart wearing the "Old Glory" Hoo-Rag pattern.

Known to many anglers as the "better bandana," the Hoo-Rag is as innovative as it is fun.

If you spend any time outdoors, and specifically on the water, then you know the sun can do a number on your skin. It's crucial to keep the harmful UV rays of the sun off your most vital areas. You know, like your head!

The UV blocking Hoo-Rag helps keep you protected and cool by wicking moisture away from your skin. With tons of styles for men and women and options to create custom patterns, you'll find a cool rag to rock while you're out on the water.

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Five Kayak Fishing Gear Must-Haves for 2014