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The 5 Hottest Ice Fishing Baits of 2014-2015 [PICS]

Here are our picks for the best ice fishing baits, ready to catch you fish all season.

Catch at winter fishing

The 2014-15 ice fishing season kicked off several weeks ago in the Great North. There’s still plenty of time left to catch big fish, as long as you have the five hottest ice fishing baits in your tackle box.

The past year was a good one for new baits. It may be cold out but that shouldn’t stop you from getting on the ice. With the five hottest baits of the year you are bound to reel some big ones in. These baits are so hot right now.

To learn which baits are making magazine covers and catching huge fish, check out the slideshow.

1. Clam Outdoors Psycho Shad

Clam Outdoors’ new ice fishing line for 2014, and features several unique spoons and jigs. The Psycho Shad distances itself from other darting baits in its class because it offers a smaller size, is lighter, and has a more erratic action than some competing brands.

While the profile of this bait is similar to lipless crankbait type lures, do not be fooled. The bait does not vibrate, but instead darts horizontally, with a shimmying flutter when dropped through the water column. Try the Psycho Shad when searching for big perch, aggressive walleye, or cruising bass.

2. Custom Jigs and Spins Diamond Jig

The Fishin’ Hole

The Custom Jigs and Spins diamond jig is yet another staple for ice fisherman particularly for, but not limited to, panfish. This bait may not be brand new, but it still fools the fish as if it was.

With a couple of each of the 12 color options and four sizes available, ranging from three millimeters up to five millimeters, the diamond jig has the ability to make any angler deadly for crappies, bluegills and perch. The diamond jig is best accompanied with your favorite plastic tail, or live bait.

3. Custom Jigs and Spins Slender Spoon: Pro Series

Facebook/Custom Jigs and Spins

These spoons from Custom Jigs and Spins are great for going deep after big game fish. They even have a hammered version, and offer incredible action and flashy attraction..

4. VMC Tingler Spoon

Facebook/The Jax Cat Tackle Company

VMC, owned by Rapala, launched its own line up of ice fishing jigs, spoons, and accessories for 2014, and so far they’ve been a smash hit! The VMC Tingler Spoon has been the most popular bait in the line up, and comes in 1/16, 1/8, and 3/16 oz sizes.

The spoon also comes in 12 different colors, eight of which feature a glow paint job. Try this bait the next time you’re searching for big perch, crappies, walleyes, and bass!

5. Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap


The HOTTEST bait below the ice in 2015 is without a doubt the Rapala Ultra Light Rippin’ Rap. This bait has been showing up all over the Midwest in magazines, TV Shows, and the mouths of BIG gamefish.

The bait comes in 10 color options, and several sizes, and is also a valuable open water bait. The two VMC trebel hooks can be tipped with live bait, or more traditionally, left plain for the lure to do all the work itself. Its versatility stems from the bait’s vibrating action on a fast jigging cadence (hence “Rippin'” Rap), but doubles as bait with subtle action when jigged softly for finicky fish. The tiny rattles inside this bait are constantly moving and clacking together, making noise that draws fish in from a distance, and convinces them to bite when they’re close.

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The 5 Hottest Ice Fishing Baits of 2014-2015 [PICS]