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You’ve Got Your Firearm, Now Here Are 5 Gun Accessories You Can’t Be Without

The five gun accessories should be next in line on your wish list.

5 - grip

While some gun owners may think adding anything extraneous to their weapon is akin to putting gaudy rims and flame decals on a classic Mustang, the right accessories could make the difference in anything from a comfortable grip to surviving a life-and-death situation.

Once you decide on the firearm you’re going to drop money on, consider adding some things to make the most of it, and you won’t be sorry.

Here are five that many new gun owners may want to look into, as well as links on where to find them. Let us know of other good choices in the comments.

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1. Flashlight

If a confrontation happens in the dark, such as in the case of the average home invasion, the person with the light has the advantage, which is why it’s first and foremost ideal to equip your gun with a flashlight.

While some prefer to carry a light rather than mounting it to the gun, attaching a light to the rail ensures you will always have it when you need it, and it also frees up your other hand just in case.

2. Laser

While being able to see your target is important, a laser sight also ensures greater accuracy in hitting the target if need be, especially in sudden or close-quarter situations where you will not have time to use your iron sights.

While many people think lasers are always red – probably because of what they see in action movies – they actually come in a number of colors including green. Red are still most common because they are less expensive and require less energy, but green are brighter and easier to see in sunlight.

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3. Night sights

Whether you go with the laser or not, most shooters agree that you should first get comfortable shooting with the gun’s iron sights, not just in case the laser fails but also as a means of perfecting good shooting fundamentals.

That’s why your gun should be equipped with tritium night sights, three green dots that illuminate your sights in the darkness. While a light or a laser may not work when you need them, your night sights always will, and any additional edge you can have in the case of self defense is important.

4. Magazine grip extenders

While smaller pistols are ideal for concealed carry, their size also makes it less comfortable for some people to get their hands around the grip, a common complaint about products such as the Glock 26.

That’s why those with large hands who don’t want to feel like they are Andre the Giant trying to hold a kid’s toy may want to invest in a magazine grip extender, which gives that stray pinky finger something to grip. Just make sure you do not extend too much, or you might as well carry a larger Glock 19 rather than a smaller concealed carry version.

5. Replacement grips

A person should also feel comfortable holding their pistol, which is why some prefer to replace their gun’s wood or plastic grip with synthetic rubber grips. While perhaps more comfortable, such grips also make it easier to hold on to your pistol in wet or sweaty conditions and lessen recoil.

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As in every gun debate between synthetic and wood however, some simply find the look of a classic grip outweighs the advantages of rubber. When it comes to what you’ll prefer, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

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You’ve Got Your Firearm, Now Here Are 5 Gun Accessories You Can’t Be Without