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The 5 Greatest Gun BBQs [PICS]


Nothing gets us more excited than throwing some fresh slabs on the grill and enjoying a good cookout.

While the focus of a BBQ tends to be on the food, we can't help but have a serious soft spot for a good-looking BBQ grill.

Here's a list of our top five gun BBQ designs.

1. The 500 S&W Magnum

A classic model for sure.

Scott Roberts Web

2. The Lone Star Smoker

Everything's bigger in Texas, especially guns and grills. Combine the two and you can't be beat.

No Excuses BBQ

3. The Smoking Barrel

This one's pretty smokin'.


4. The Loaded Q

Locked, loaded and ready for some BBQ.

gun bbq

5. The Home Grown Killer

How about an old-fashioned BBQ smokeout?

gun bbq

Summer is here and your barbecue is begging to be put to work!

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The 5 Greatest Gun BBQs [PICS]