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Five-Foot Shark Caught in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain [PICS]

Facebook/ St. Tammany Parish

This was quite the surprise catch a fisherman got from a pontoon boat in a Louisiana Lake.

A fisherman fishing from a pontoon boat in Louisiana got quite a surprise when he reeled in a five-foot shark last week.

The photo of the oddly-placed catch first appeared on the St. Tammany Parish government Facebook page on Wednesday and quickly began going viral. The fisherman in the incident was not named.

Facebook/ St. Tammany Parish

The Times-Picayune reports the shark was caught from a pontoon boat. As to what the angler did with his catch, apparently no one knows at the moment. But the Facebook post says the fisherman has fished the spot near Bayou Liberty/Bonafouca for the last 26 years.

He has never seen or caught a shark near that spot in all that time. Lake Pontchartrain is located just north of New Orleans in close proximity to more natural shark waters.

The lake is connected to the ocean via the Gulf of Mexico and a series of lakes, rivers and marshland.

The Times-Picayune also says sharks being caught in the large lake located just north of New Orleans is not all that uncommon.

Responders to the original Facebook post seemed to confirm this when they posted their own photos of smaller sharks allegedly caught in the lake.

Several others posters reported they often saw sharks there while swimming and urged anyone entering the lake’s waters to use caution.

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Five-Foot Shark Caught in Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain [PICS]