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FishSentry Alerts Your Phone When You Get a Bite

Most anglers are looking for an edge in order to catch fish.

And they don’t mind getting a hint or two at where fish and when.

Now, a new product that connects fishing rods to cell phones is looking to take fishing to the next level.

FishSentry, according to the video, connects the rod to your cell phone, so you don’t have to always watch the rod.

You get notified when you need to check it for a possible strike.

The device is also said to collect all of the information for each fishing trip to a mobile device so that anglers can return to productive locations. This information can also be shared with others.

The founders are calling FishSentry the “complete connected fishing experience.”

What do you think? A good use of technology, or too far?

You can donate to FishSentry’s Indiegogo crowdsourcing fund here.

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FishSentry Alerts Your Phone When You Get a Bite