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Do Australians Fish or Camp in These? The Answer is Both

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Feast your eyes on the right way to fish, relax, and then spend the night on your favorite fishing hole in Australia.

So you wanted a tent, a fishing boat, and a duck blind? It sure looks like this has all that covered and more. Check out the flotilla of fun for fishermen and their partners when they have some time and good water to cover.

Here’s a great look at what they do down under when the weekend’s on and the bite is good. Decide for yourself what you would do with this rig if you had one.


It appears to be two crafts tethered together in some way with at least one outboard motor. There are rod holders galore and it’s even camouflaged.


Anyone who says that you don’t need all those rods has to turn in your fishing license. I hope your wife didn’t hear you say that about all the fishing gear because she’s been saying that since you got married.


Looks like there’s plenty of room in the cabin to comfortably sleep two people- raise your hand if you would have a night line out!


There’s storage for food, water, and gear. The camping stove looks right at home in its place. If the opposite side isn’t full of another couple, I could see it full of beer. It would be an even better place for a Dometic portable toilet!

The Aussies know their water and they know their boats. If they say that this is a great way to camp and fish then I’m in! It might look a little cramped, but that’s what camping is all about anyway: roughing it. For those of us on this side of the pond with a little ingenuity it could be a great duck or geese hunting tool.

What would you do with one of these to make it your perfect boat-blind?


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Do Australians Fish or Camp in These? The Answer is Both