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Fishing is Strictly for Lunatics as You’ll See Right Here

Check out this nice compilation of success, failure, and outright dangerous escapades as these fishermen try to outwit their quarry or die trying.

It never gets tiring to see great hookups, catches, and just to make things fun several instances of the closest calls you ever saw.

One thing leads to another when fishermen are involved in trying to get to the best spot before somebody else does, or find themselves hooked to a fish that’s bigger than the boat they’re fishing on.

This will get you ready for fishing season or you don’t have a pulse.

It can be amazing what you see in a boat or on the shore when you have a fishing pole in your hands.

Watching a killer whale toss a seal 12 feet in the air, or having its grand-daddy steal the fish right out of your net is a good start, but do sailfish and marlin ever not jump in the boat? You haven’t lived until you pull off a beautiful figure-eight on a nice muskie follow, but the guy getting washed off the cliff takes the cake!

Did anybody else think that the guys on the trawler were goners?! Luckily it looked like they only got a free ride to the other side of the deck.



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Fishing is Strictly for Lunatics as You’ll See Right Here