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Fishing Stocking Stuffers You Might Not Have Thought Of

A passionate angler is easy to shop for if the "under the Christmas tree" part of the equation is what you are thinking about. From rods to reels to new fish tracking GPS units for their fishing boat, it's easy to find big or expensive gifts for a fishing enthusiast. Things get significantly more difficult when you have to fill a stocking for that person and realize you have no idea what to pick out. Sure, you can go with the old standbys - lures, fishing line, baits, etc. - but while those all might be perfectly practical fishing ideas, they aren't particularly exciting.

Below, we've collected some more exciting or out-of-left-field gift ideas that you can use to fill the stockings of the fishing lovers in your life this year.

Thermos Compact .5 Quart Vacuum Bottle ($24.99): Whether they are taking a cup of hot chocolate to the pond to keep them warm while ice fishing or filling their thermos with an ice cold Arnold Palmer for a long day on a summer fishing boat, anglers need a beverage container that can keep their drinks warm or cold without issue. A thermos that does both - like this one, which maintains cold for 24 hours and holds heat for 12 - can be a nice and simple gift idea that anglers will nevertheless use and appreciate quite literally all the time.

thermosPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Casio Fishing Timer Watch ($69.99): As with thermoses, watches aren't necessarily devices that many people would think of as a great fishing-related gift. However, time can easily get away from an angler when they are out on the boat, river, or lake, and a good waterproof digital watch can help them organize their time. Even better, this Casio watch is specifically designed for anglers, with a thermometer and a moon phase indicator that are used to determine the best fishing times throughout the day. Not only does it tell time, then, but it also helps an angler choose the best time to hit the fishing pond.

fishing watchPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops Precision Screwdriver Set ($6.49): From minute rod, reel, or lure adjustments to small repairs that need to be made around the boat, it's important for an angler to have a small, compact, and portable set of screwdrivers in their tackle box, just in case.

screwdriverPhoto via Bass Pro Shops

Leatherman Sidekick Multitool ($39.99): With a knife, a bottle opener, a pair of pliers, wire cutters, a can opener, and a few screwdrivers of its own - along with several other useful tools - this pocket knife is a great all-in-one tool that anglers will adore for its convenience.

sidekickPhoto via Sportsman's Guide

Lindy Little Joe Fish Handling Gloves ($24.99): Whether the task is removing a fish from the hook after a catch or filleting the fish and dealing with its sharp fins and plates, handling a fish can be a dangerous proposition. Too many anglers try to do all of this barehanded, but bites, cuts, or scrapes from fish teeth or spikes can be nasty and can easily become infected. Better to have a pair of thick, durable gloves meant specifically for the act of handling recently-caught fish.

lindy little joePhoto via Sportsman's Guide

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Fishing Stocking Stuffers You Might Not Have Thought Of