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Fishing Rodeo With a Marlin From a Helicopter [VIDEO]


Could jumping out of a helicopter, into the ocean and onto the back of a live marlin be the next big extreme fishing craze? 

We kind of doubt it. But it is fun to watch someone else do it!

Ultimate Fishing Show host Matt Watson is always looking for a new and more daring fishing stunt.

It’s hard to imagine how he might top this one. Watson decides to mimic the fishing style of a sea bird called a gannet. The gannet spots its prey from the air and then makes a beeline dive from the sky directly onto the fish.

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Watson and team go out in helicopters, searching for feeding tuna and marlin. They soon spot a marlin, whereupon Watson makes like a gannet and does indeed dive from the chopper right onto the big fish.

Underwater cameras show him getting an short and wicked “ride” from the big fish by grabbing its snout with one hand and bear hugging it with the other.

The only thing that might have made the scene even more crazy would be if Watson had been wearing a cowboy hat while riding the bucking marlin!

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Fishing Rodeo With a Marlin From a Helicopter [VIDEO]