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Fishing Quest: The 5 Ultimate U.S. Trips to Make Before Your Angling Days Are Done


A lifelong fishing quest is not complete without a visit to these top American locales. 

There’s plenty of diversity, style, preference and makeup amongst the anglers of the U.S., but one thing can be agreed on across the board: traveling to a dream fishing destination is one of the best ways to fulfill your desires.

America has some fantastic fishing, and no matter what you set your sights on, adding some fishing to any trip is a worthwhile endeavor.

But, if you need some inspiration, here are five places that should be on every angler’s radar when it comes to fishing trips. The list focuses on variety, both geographical and species, and should be considered by any angler before they kick the bucket.

1. Fall Steelhead in Pulaski, New York


Legends of the fall steelhead fishing in this part of the country have endured for generations.

2. Tarpon off the Florida Keys


The aggressive, acrobatic tarpon holds a top spot in the list of America’s hardest-fighting fish, and the Keys might be the greatest spot on the planet.

3. Spring hatch trout on the Yellowstone River


Soaking up the incredible scenery will be tough if you’re getting strike after strike, and the right time of year could keep your eyes on your line and away from the mountains for an entire trip.

4. Lunker bass in Table Rock Lake, Missouri

White River Outfitters

Known as one of, if not the most prestigious largemouth fishery in the country, Table Rock (especially during spawning) should be experienced at least once.

5. Halibut in Seward, Alaska

Daily caught exposed in Seward city, Alaska.
Daily caught exposed in Seward city, Alaska.

Any angler who claims they’ve done it all is lying if they’ve never been to Alaska. Halibut are a unique fish, and landing one is memorable to say the least.

This list could be longer, and everyone has their own opinions, but if you’re looking to broaden your fishing horizons, these trips are great places to start.


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Fishing Quest: The 5 Ultimate U.S. Trips to Make Before Your Angling Days Are Done