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Fishing with Miss Florida...Does It Get Any Better? [VIDEO]

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Miss Florida 2016, the lovely Brie Gabrielle, can catch anything from snapper to snook.

This self-proclaimed "beach baby" is not only gorgeous, but an expert angler. Does it get any better?

Talk about your dream girl, guys...or a perfect role model for young girls out there.

Gabrielle shares that she started fishing early, noting that fishing is a "total skill that you have to learn. You have to know how to read the water, read the weather, read what's going on with the current."

She adds that most beauty pageant contestants are just worried about the superficial, but she's shooting for more.

Gabrielle says, "It's exciting that I get to bridge that gap because I'm on a fishing show and I love being outdoors ... I would much rather not wear makeup, I'm not a materialistic person and I would rather just wear jeans and a T-shirt."

Her fishing show can be found every week on Fox Sun Sports, where she and host Rick Murphy share advice for anglers about fishing conditions and equipment. Gabrielle also loves to join fishing trips to record segments for her show, which she has been on for two seasons.

Her co-host thinks she's awesome, sharing that not only can she cast and catch, "more importantly she was accurate with the way she could catch a fish and bait the hook."

Gabrielle believes that there are many misconceptions about beauty pageants, and hates the stigma associated with them. She notes that most beauty contestants are also highly intelligent with respectable careers.

Now that she's Miss Florida, she supports the Stop Bullying Now Foundation as their spokesperson. Gabrielle tells young people that she "had some issues with bullying in middle school and was home schooled because of it."

She advises these young people that they should "just to be yourself and don't let anyone take your sparkle away...your fire. That is what makes you, that's what makes people love you."

We love you, Gabrielle! Keep on fishing!

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Fishing with Miss Florida...Does It Get Any Better? [VIDEO]