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Will the Next Official Olympic Sport Be... Fishing?

For many of us, this is the closest we'll get to participating in the Olympics.

The international governing body for fishing has just done all sportsmen an amazing favor. The group has applied for Olympic status in the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games.

This governing body is officially called The Confederation Internationale de la Peche Sportive, or The International Confederation of Sport Fishing.

Sport fishing is a popular pastime, no doubt. According to stats, there are as many as 50 million active anglers in the US. Unsurprisingly then, the number of worldwide anglers would be well into the hundreds of millions. For that reason the fishing world is hoping there will be enough attraction to convince the Olympic committee to bite.

According to the application, the 2020 Olympic games might include a catch-and-release form of competition fishing. Though some might call fishing pure luck, anglers from around the world are applauding the effort.

The Confederation argues that fishing offers an "ancient and fair competition system."

This argument closely matches Olympic ideology, and it just might be enough to land angling as the next official Olympic sport.

Many other sports will also make new appearances in the 2020 Olympics, including skateboarding, surfing, climbing, and karate. These events are all additions to the 28 other existing sporting events in the Olympics. The International Olympic Committee is hoping this innovative move will attract a younger audience to the games. So far the committee has not dropped any other sports to make room for the new events.

The Olympics have only ever featured fishing one other time: in 1900, the Paris games listed fishing as an unofficial sport. According to the BBC, six nations took part in the event and the results were not documented.

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Will the Next Official Olympic Sport Be... Fishing?