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Fishing is a Major Stress Reliever [INFOGRAPHIC]

Here’s why you should get outside and cast a line as a stress reliever.

We all have things that pile up and add stress to our lives, whether it’s work, relationships, politics or what have you. And those of us who are outdoorsmen and women know there’s few better ways to battle that stress than getting in the great outdoors.

Fishing, in particular, has proven to be a major stress reliever for folks who know how to enjoy it. Check out this infographic from that spells out some of the major factors that play into that fact.


Check out more graphical representations of the great outdoors.

Relaxation becomes so important as our lives speed up, become more involved and add responsibilities on a daily basis. But you probably didn’t need to be informed of the stress relieving capabilities of fishing, did you?

How does fishing help you relax when you need it most?

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Fishing is a Major Stress Reliever [INFOGRAPHIC]