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Fishing Large Brown Trout in the Smoky Mountains [VIDEO]

Watch this video for stunning footage and valuable tips about brown trout fishing the Smoky Mountains. 

Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to one of the largest collections of wild brown trout streams in the eastern United States.

With populations as concentrated as 3,000 brown trout per mile, the fall fishing opportunities in this region are unparalleled. Watch this video for an up-close look and some great tips for harvesting brown trout.

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Fall is a great time to fish for large brown trout in the Smoky Mountains. Autumn is when these fish visit small pools for feeding and look for potential mates.

Remember the best time to use streamers is during the spring, when water levels are high and colored. The fall is an ideal time for smaller nymphs, when the water is shallow and clear. Locals have seen brown trout as large as 24 inches, and the average fish is about 15 inches.

While fishing in this area, remember to keep an eye out for wildlife, as black bear, white-tail deer, and wild turkeys are known to visit the streams.

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Fishing Large Brown Trout in the Smoky Mountains [VIDEO]