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Fishing Lake Austin

Lake Austin is a fun place to catch some bass during the summer.

Although Lake Austin is known mostly for its superior boating and glassy waters, some people do not know just how good the fishing is. Bass fishing, that is.

Lake Austin remains at a constant level year round, and is always copiously stocked with largemouth bass.

For a fun bass-catching time, stick to the edges of weed beds along the shoreline. Fishing off the land is just as good as getting in a boat, so don’t worry about not having one.

At this time of year, temperatures are so high for both humans and fish. Try to get out there early or late at night, the fish will be happier and so will you.

According to Texas Parks and Wildlife, spinners and topwaters do well with bass in Lake Austin. Other effective artificial bait includes worms and jerkbaits. Live minnows work well along weed beds.

Other species you may encounter on Lake Austin are sunfish and catfish.

Something to keep in mind while fishing this location is that there is currently a Triploid Grass Carp Permit in effect. This means that if a Grass Carp is caught, it immediately needs to be returned to the water.

Catch and release of all fish is preferred, and anglers are encouraged to report any trophy bass to the ShareLunker Program, but other than that there is a limit of 5 bass a day.

Check out other fish regulations here.

Where are some of your favorite fishing spots during Texas summers?

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Fishing Lake Austin