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Fishing for Reef Kings Means Fish Bigger Than You Can Imagine

Fishing for goliath groupers up to 600 pounds and bull sharks the size of small bulls, you have to fight the reef kings and not get pulled overboard.

You know you’re about to get into something pretty hairy when you have to fish for bait that’s the size of a lot of largemouth bass. With live bait that big, the target fish have got to be some real monsters.

Fishing for giant goliath grouper and massive bull sharks is arm-tiring and backbreaking work. It’s also some of the most exhilarating fishing you can get into, especially if you’re used to catching freshwater largemouth bass as Bailey is here.

Host Joshua Jorgensen took Bailey Damberg from the popular Instagram @fishingprobs and C.J. Floyd from @CatchinJiants out for some fun on the reef. The underwater cameras caught an insane amount of fish under the boat and the bite was incredible.

CJ caught the biggest bull shark of his life, and performed an excellent release on the fish, getting the hook back and making a clean release. And Bailey caught his two personal best goliath groupers, the second one smashing the first.

Summing up the day, the three anglers were duly impressed with the number and size of the fish they tangled with.

“Giant fish. Biggest fish of my whole life,” said Bailey. “I’m a changed man now after that.”



Epic Day of Florida Fishing with Monster Jacks, Tarpon, Goliath Groupers and More [VIDEO]

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Fishing for Reef Kings Means Fish Bigger Than You Can Imagine