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Fishing for Monster Bass During the Spawn

Ever wonder what it was like to catch a twelve pound bass? Watch as Ryan and friends chase the bass spawn of 2016!

Spring denotes one of the bass fisherman’s favorite time of year. When fat, plump female bass lay on their bed to fight off weary predators looking to steal her eggs.

This is a lot of time some anglers catch their personal best largemouth. This can also lead to multiple five-pound bass caught throughout the spawn.

The point you should take away from is video is when the bass spawn is happening, grab your rod and get out there.

When chasing bass during their spawning period, it is important to make sure you are using lures and flies that imitate their natural enemies. Crawdad imitations have to be one of the best choices, if you spot a big female on her bed. For some reason what really seems to irritate them to strike, is to slowly retrieve the lure or fly across the bed.

Nine times out of ten, the bass will follow it and attempt to pick it up.

Many anglers will use a foot ball jig and a crawdad pincher trailer. This adds various dynamics to the presentation of the lure, such as more noise and a bigger displacement of water.

The locations of these monster bass will vary, but for the most part will be found close to the bank. I find most bass spawning within ten to twelve feet from the edge of the bank. These beds will be easy to spot and stick out like a sore thumb against the bottom of the waterbody. They will be small to medium sized patches of cleared away rubble.

As mentioned earlier, dragging a lure through these beds will lead to the most success in enticing a bass to bite!



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Fishing for Monster Bass During the Spawn