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Fishing First Aid: How to Remove a Hook from Your Eye

Dave from Cross Current TV explains what to do in the event you or someone you know takes a fish hook to the eye.

There’s several methods to remove a hook from your skin, but what do you do about being hooked in the eye? As Dave explains, don’t try to remove it yourself, and get to a hospital to have someone remove it the safest way possible without damaging your eyesight.

You can however prepare yourself for the long journey to the emergency room by following some of these simple suggestions.

A first aid kit is vital for any outdoorsman, so start by having one handy. Then reach for a roll of gauze. You’ll need to pad the injured eye, but you’ll also need to cover your other eye as well. Preventing the good eye from moving will also prevent you from inadvertently moving your injured eye, further complicating the injury.

To prevent putting direct pressure on the injured eye, you’ll need to create a doughnut of sorts out of the gauze. Taking the end of the gauze, roll it very loosely and fold it backwards over itself. This will provide padding without actually applying pressure onto the injured eye. Place the doughnut over the injured eye, then wrap the gauze to cover the other eye like a blindfold.

Hopefully you’ll never have any use for this information, but in the event that you or someone you know takes a hook to the eye, you’ll be prepared to get them safely to an emergency room where the injury can be properly treated.

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Fishing First Aid: How to Remove a Hook from Your Eye