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Fisherman Dad Uses His Toes as Alligator Bait [VIDEO]

A father teaches his daughter how to use toes as alligator bait in the video below.

This video has a lesson we don’t recommend teaching your kids, but it’s an entertaining, so what the heck.

While fishing with his daughter from a pond dock, a father dangles his toes in the water to attract a small alligator nearby. Dad has clearly done this alligator bait trick a time or two before, but it’s the first time his young daughter has ever seen it. Watch for the surprise when the gator gets in close enough to take a bite.

It’s entertaining, sure, but when you see an alligator approaching, it’s best to keep your toes out of the water, as you might lose your whole foot if you’re not careful.

We’re not sure where this video was filmed, but the uploader, Cy Young, also hunts hogs in Louisiana, a state that’s teeming with gators. If you’re interested in Louisiana gator fishing, you should check out our exclusive interview with Troy Landry of Swamp People. Landry knows just about everything there is to know about Louisiana alligator hunting.


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Fisherman Dad Uses His Toes as Alligator Bait [VIDEO]