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FCA Manhattan Cup Fishing Tournament Brings Peace to Veterans [VIDEO]

Steve Liesman of CNBC interviewed retired veterans and current soldiers about their service and their experience on the water with the FCA Manhattan Cup Fishing tournament.

These vets share a little about the positive effects fishing and the peace being outdoors brings them.

“It’s the therapeutic beneficial reconnection with nature that fishing provides and the community based individuals out here to support us,” one veteran said.

Project Healing Waters, Team Red, White & Blue, and Wounded Warriors are all organizations that help veterans in one form or another, often in the outdoors. 

Giving these veterans an opportunity to hunt and fish is a great way to help channel all things that come from serving our country, with most looking forward to these trips each year.

There are many opportunities for people to help wounded veterans or vets in general.

If you are able to give back in any manner, even with something as simple as your time, you will likely be rewarded with a valuable experience.

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FCA Manhattan Cup Fishing Tournament Brings Peace to Veterans [VIDEO]