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Fishing Anna Maria Island In Florida

Up for fishing Anna Maria Island? Read this first.

One of many barrier islands along the long and expansive Gulf Coast of Florida, Anna Maria Island offers many saltwater fishing opportunities for the adventurous angler.

Located South of Tampa and just west of Bradenton, it is a highly visited vacation destination with some of Florida’s best beaches, excellent fresh seafood restaurants and most importantly a year-round fisherman’s paradise.

This website offers great rental properties and a free, live 24-hour video cam view of one of the Northermost piers on the island.

If you hover over the video feed and click on the “full screen” button in the lower left corner, you can actually watch people fish from the pier, or just relax as the boats, kayaks, birds, fish and dolphin pass by.

In Florida during the summer months, we always recommend that you fish early (to avoid the heat and storms) and fish often (to enjoy the incredible action).

Fishing Anna Maria Island presents the opportunities for catching inshore species like snook, trout, redfish and flounder. Kayak fishing is very popular in the area as the calm, protected bay waters make for easy, safe conditions to paddle.

Live shrimp and pilchards are readily available on the island and at the pier bait shop, and usually produce the most fish. However, cut bait like squid or mullet is also productive along the causeways that lead to and from the island.

In addition, there are two long fishing piers that are available along the west side of the island, and both are known to be productive spots for fishing and nature watching.

There is always a lot of bird activity, and there’s a resident dolphin population that is frequently seen around both piers on a regular basis chasing schools of baitfish like mullet and pilchards.

Have you ever fished on Anna Maria Island? Do you plan to someday? Let us know in the comments.


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Fishing Anna Maria Island In Florida