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Is Fishing America’s Pastime? [INFOGRAPHIC]

This infographic makes the case: is fishing America’s pastime?

Sure, baseball season is right around the corner. You’ll hear it a lot these days: ‘Get ready for America’s pastime! Come out to the ballpark!’ But is that truly accurate?

It may not be, according to American Modern Insurance. They strive to “give you the peace of mind to worry less and relax more. So [you can] go out there and get fishing!” Sounds good to us!

They’ve even helped fishing push through to the top of America’s favorite pastimes with this nifty infographic, spelling out some of the ways it trumps other sports, hobbies and activities.

Click on the image for a larger, zoomable version.


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So there you have it, fishing does indeed have an argument as the country’s favorite pastime. Plus, you don’t have to drop $150 to take your family to the local lake or river, like you would if you’re attending a baseball game.

Is fishing your idea of America’s favorite pastime? Why or why not? 

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Is Fishing America’s Pastime? [INFOGRAPHIC]