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8 Perfect Fishing Accessories for Your Next Trip

These fishing accessories are the perfect accompaniments to a good rod and reel.

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Many anglers swear by their trusty weapons of choice: a quality rod made of the finest materials, and a reel that’s as smooth as butter. The combination of the two, plus a tried and true fly or lure, can be a fisherman’s best friend.

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But truth be told, there are a lot of other items that may not directly catch a fish, but can prove just as important. Things like a good pair of waders, a waterproof map case or even something as simple as a hat can make a trip not only more enjoyable, but more successful too.

Check out these eight fishing accessories from Moosejaw that promise to give you every opportunity to catch a limit each time you hit the water.

View the slideshow to see the items.

1. Patagonia Technical Sun Glove

When you spend hours going after that same elusive fish that you’ve been teasing with your bait, the Patagonia Technical Sun Gloves will take any concern for the well being of your hands out of mind.

2. Lacrosse Men’s Alpha Swampfox Wader

These are some serious waders: the Lacrosse Alpha Swampfox have an upper made of Talson nylon, and a 3.5mm insulating neoprene bottom. The contoured ankle fit helps with heel slippage, and is a nice added touch. 

3. Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat

The Outdoor Research Sombriolet Sun Hat will add some good looks to the practical use of a full-brimmed hat. It’s lightweight, wicks moisture, is UPF 50+ and even has a brim piping that resists wind.

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4. Patagonia Men’s Skeena River Wader – Regular

When the river calls and you know you’re going to need to get down and dirty to reach those spawning trout, the Patagonia Skeena River Wader will take good care of you. We could bore you with techno bumbo jumbo, but click on the link of you want those specs.

Just know they’ll keep you dry, warm and are super durable. What more do you need? 

5. Lacrosse Men’s Big Chief Hip Wader

If you won’t be in water up to your chest, and a great pair of hip waders are what you need, look no further than the Lacrosse Big Chief. Count on 600G Thinsulate Ultra Insulation and scent free technology to keep your feet in good shape.

6. Patagonia Men’s Sunshade Crew

Quick drying and UPF 45 sunblock technology give the Patagonia Men’s Sunshade Crew shirt all the ingredients for a high-quality fishing shirt. Above all, the fit and style can’t be beat, as Patagonia always puts thought into their apparel designs.

7. Sea to Summit Waterproof Map Case

Much of the appeal for fishing involves the practice of visiting new places and experiencing their own unique fishing. But unfamiliar territory can introduce some troubles, and no one wants to be lost and waste part of a day when they’re on a fishing trip.

The easy fix: bring a map. The easier fix: get a Sea to Summit Waterproof Map Case. You’ll always have your directions hanging right there around your next, within arms reach and certain to be there when you need them.

8. Patagonia Ultralight River Crampon

Instead of putting money towards an expensive pair of wading boots, these Patagonia Ultralight River Crampons will do the trick. You can add them to rubber boats or hip waders as well, and give you the grip you need on slippery rocks to get safely to the fish.

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8 Perfect Fishing Accessories for Your Next Trip