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The Fishing 50: The Top Twitter Accounts In The Fishing Industry

The "Fishing 50" is our list of the top Twitter accounts to follow in the fishing industry.


The "Fishing 50" list includes pro anglers, fishing writers, nonprofit organizations, online publications, brands, retailers and personalities throughout the fishing space. To compile the list, we looked at the top Twitter accounts have strong reach and influence in the fishing world. Many of these accounts use Twitter as a platform to educate and connect anglers of all types and skill levels across the fishing industry.

Several of the entries on the "Fishing 50" are involved in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, set for Feb 22-24 on Lake Guntersville in Alabama. With their mobiles devices in hand, the pro anglers featured on this list will actively use Twitter to keep their followers abreast of their tournament activities. Follow them to stay connected during the Classic.

Wide Open Spaces will release similar lists of top Twitter accounts for the hunting industry and other outdoor sports later this year. Also, be sure to check out the "Shooting 50," our list of the top Twitter accounts in the firearms industry.

View the slide show to see who to follow in the Fishing 50.

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1. Bassmaster @BASS_nation

The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society is the top authority on bass fishing. The organization operates the Bassmaster tournament series, the Bassmaster Elite Series and the storied Bassmaster Classic. Just about every bass fishermen worth his or her salt with an Internet connection follows Bassmaster on Twitter. During the Bassmaster Classic, @BASS_nation will be a top account to follow for updates on the tournament. Bassmaster's Twitter account also does a great job at connecting and posting stories from their 104,000 Twitter followers and nearly half a million members.

2. Take Me Fishing @Take_Me_Fishing

Take Me Fishing is an organization solely devoted to teaching and promoting all types of fishing and boating in the US. Their informative content covers everything from how to tie fishing knots to how to register your fishing boat. On their website, be sure to check out their interactive US map that has helpful state-by-state fishing information.  @Take_Me_Fishing connects a thriving online community of anglers from around the country.

3. Brandon Palaniuk @BrandonPalaniuk

Bassmaster is no stranger to bass fishing accolades; Palaniuk was the 2010 BASS Federation Nation Champion, and the 2012 and 2013 Bassmaster Elite champion. He's also a four-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier. Palaniuk frequently engages with other fishermen on Twitter in a light-hearted and often entertaining manner. @BrandonPalaniuk will be competing in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

4. Bass Pro Shops @Bass_Pro_Shops

The top dog of fishing retailers, Bass Pro Shops is also one of the largest outdoor gear shops in the world. Bass Pro Shops' 138,000 followers include many of the Fishing 50 members and other movers and shakers in the fishing industry. In addition to tweets about product deals and links to their informative blog posts, @Bass_Pro_Shopsis connected to an ongoing fishing conversation between anglers and sportsmen throughout the outdoor sports world.

5. Dave Mercer @FactsofFishing

Fishing funny man @FactsofFishing is one of the most prominent personalities in the fishing industry. He is the official Emcee of the Bassmaster Classic and the Bassmaster Elite Series, and hosts the popular program, "Facts of Fishing," which airs on the Outdoor Channel, the Score and WFN. Mercer's enthusiasm for fishing, knowledge of the sport, humor and engaging personality have earned him a cult following in the fishing world.

6. Captain Dan Porter @FishWithDan

This Oregon based fishermen has more than 95,000 followers on Twitter, making him one of the most influential tweeters in the fishing space. @FishWithDan is a no-nonsense, tell-it-like-it-is personality, who provides a mix of humorous, informative and sardonic comments on the fishing world, politics and pop culture at large.

7. Mike Iaconelli @mike_Iaconelli

Fast-talking New Jersey bass pro Mike Iaconelli is an accomplished angler and television personality. Iaconelli is the only angler to have won the Bassmaster Classic, the Bassmaster Angler of the Year and the B.A.S.S. Nation Championship. He's also developed a strong online following for his entertaining and educational fishing programs, including his latest online show"Ike Live." Iaconelli will be competing in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, and @mike_Iaconelli is already actively tweeting about the tournament.

8. Strike King Lure Co. @StrikeKingLures

Strike King Lures is one of the top lure makers in the world. Their pro team includes some of the best bass anglers in the world, including Bassmaster Classic superstar Kevin VanDam. Their Twitter account has nearly 78,000 followers. It's safe to say Strike King is approaching McDonald's-level recognition in the fishing world.

9. Kevin VanDam @Kevin_Vandam

Image: World Fishing Network

Bass fishing superstar Kevin VanDam is the all-time highest money winner in the world of professional bass fishing with more than $5.6 million in prize earnings. He's also won four Bassmaster Classic titles, seven Toyota Tundra Angler of the Year titles along with a slew of other awards. Expect @Kevin_Vandam to frequently tweet updates about his tournament activities to his 18,500 followers during the Bassmaster Classic.

10. US Fish and Wildlife @USFWSHQ

US Fish and Wildlife is the federal government agency in charge of the conservancy of both fish, wildlife, plants and their habitats. @USFWSHQ helps anglers stay informed about what's happening with fish species, fisheries and wildlife habitats in the US. The agency's Twitter account is a great source for wildlife news and interesting facts about fish species and other animals.

11. April Vokey @AprilVokey

April Vokey is a fly fishing guide, blogger, conservationist and educator based in British Columbia. Vokey leads fly fishing trips along in the Northwest through her guide service, Fly Gal, and teaches workshops about the conversation of fish and their habitats. @AprilVokey is an interesting follow for avid fly fishermen and anglers who are interested in exploring the sport.

12. @BassFanNews

Bass Fan is one of the best news providers of professional and amateur bass fishing tournament information from around the world. Bass Fan also keeps the BassFan World Rankings, a standard ranking system for pro bass anglers. @BassFanNews provides a daily stream of updates from the world of pro bass fishing, and info about where anglers stand in the rankings. This is a must follow for fans of professional bass fishing.

13. Ott DeFoe @OttDeFoe

Pro Angler Ott De Doe was the first Tennessean to qualify for the Bassmaster Elite Series, and won the 2011 Rookie of the Year. He's also an avid tweeter, and keeps a steady conversation going online with his fans, sponsors and other Twitter accounts in the fishing space. Follow @OttDeFoe for updates on his tournament activities and some funny tweets about fishing.

14. Sage Fly Fishing @flyfishsage

Sage Fly Fishing builds some of the world's most high performance fly rods and reels. The company was founded in 1980 by legendary fly rod designer Don Green, and has since grown to become one of the top fishing fly fishing brands in the world. Their Twitter page is followed by several top anglers and sportsmen. Follow @flyfishsage for pics of great fly catches from around the world, fly fishing techniques and updates on their products.

15. Field & Stream @FieldandStream

Field and Stream is the grandpappy of all outdoorsmen publications. The magazine was founded in 1895, and has since grown its readership to nearly 1,000,000 readers. Field and Stream is well known for their informative and educational content written by expert anglers and sportsmen. @FieldandStream followers have access to some of the latest and most interesting fishing stories from around the world, and links to their high-caliber content.

16. Wired2Fish @Wired2Fish

Wired2Fish is one of the most popular and informative freshwater fishing blogs and Twitter accounts on the Web. Their contributors are avid anglers who live and breath fishing. They're also dedicated to growing the sport fishing community through their highly active Twitter account. Follow @Wired2Fish for informative fishing videos, tips, how-to articles, product reviews and fishing news and more.

17. Edwin Evers @edwinevers2

Professional Bassmaster angler Edwin Evers keeps an active Twitter profile with updates on his fishing career and where he's been dropping a line lately. @edwinevers2 does a good job at interacting with fans and providing helpful information, such as what kinds of baits are working for him. While Evers usually doesn't speak to the media during fishing tournaments, he does keep his Twitter followers updated on his competition activity.

18. B.A.S.S. How To @BASSHowTo

Looking for advice and articles from pro anglers about how to catch more bass? @BASSHowTo is a good place to start. This Bassmaster Twitter account posts articles by Bassmaster magazine and pro anglers on the BASS Elite Series. Follow their Twitter account for helpful fishing tips, fishing knowledge and updates on Bassmaster tournaments and prize contests.

19. FLW Fishing @FLWFishing

FLW Fishing is among the top three major bass fishing tournament organizations in the world. They administer and organize the WalMart FLW tournament, one of the most high-stakes bass fishing competitions. FLW Fishing also hosts a number of other tournament events, fishing expos and Fantasy Fishing. The organization's media division, includes print and online publications, television programs and a strong social media presence. @FLWFishing will connect you to all FLW Fishing's tournament activity, blog posts, updates about their pro anglers, contests and more.

20. Dave Maynard @TerminalAngler

Dave Maynard is the Executive Producer of the NBC Sports show "Fish the Baja" and "Fishing Across America." Maynard's "Fish the Baja" program explores the diverse species and fishing locations of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean near the Baja region of Mexico. Maynard uses @TerminalAngler as a platform to share cool fishing pics, stories, links to interesting fishing stories and news throughout the fishing space. Maynard is a great follow for anyone interested in offshore sport fishing.

21. Randy Howell @theRandyHowell

How many professional fishermen double as rappers? Not many, and while we don't take it too seriously, Howell put out a rap song about fishing last month. That should give you a sense of the 12-time Bassmaster Classic qualifier's humorous personality. @theRandyHowell interacts regularly with his followers and provides frequent updates about where he's fishing and what he's up to.

22. Professional Anglers Association @ProAnglersAssoc

Professional Anglers Association  is a nonprofit organization dedicated to growing sport fishing and promoting professional angling. Their members include professional fishermen, guides, charter captains and experts from the fishing industry. Several of the top anglers in the fishing space industry @ProAnglersAssoc, which is a great resource for fishing industry news.

23. David Walker @davidwalkerfish

David Walker is a consummate professional fishermen. Since the early 1990's, Walker has competed in the FLW and Bassmaster tours. He is a highly skilled and knowledgeable angler, and often uses @davidwalkerfish as a teaching platform. He also regularly shares updates on his tournament activities. Walker will be competing in the 2014 Bassmaster Classic, and will most likely keep a steady stream of tweets flowing during the tournament.

24. Orvis News @OrvisFlyFishing

Orvis is one of the oldest fly fishing companies in the world. @OrvisFlyFishing provides regular updates related to fly fishing and hunting. This a good follow to stay up to date on fly fishing techniques and conservation matters that affect sport fish and fly fishing regions in the US.

25. John Crews @crewsmissile

John Crews has tallied 108 total Bass tournaments, with 14 top 10 finishes and one victory. His connection to Ranger Boats has helped lead him through years on the tour. @crewsmissile interacts a lot with Twitter followers, and keeps them up to date with everything that happens before, during and after tournaments. Be sure to follow him for the Classic, he'll likely be sharing non-stop.

26. Redington @RedingtonGear

Redington makes fly rods, reels, waders and apparel that are popular with fly fishermen around the world. Since 1992, the company has continued to develop quality and innovative fly fishing products. Fly fishermen from sll over the globe follow @RedingtonGear, which features information about their products and interesting stories from across the fly fishing world, not to mention some great pictures now and then.

27. Kayak Angler Magazine @KayakAnglerMag

Kayak Angler Magazine is an excellent resource and Twitter follow for anyone interested in kayak fishing. While @KayakAnglerMag doesn't engage in ongoing conversations with other Twitter accounts all that often, they do provide a steady feed of news and information about kayak angling that's followed by established personalities in the space.

28. Alton Jones @JonesProFishing

2008 Bassmaster Champion Alton Jones is a bass fishing machine from Texas, who's personal credo is "Take it to the next level." He's doing that with his fishing and his quest to repeat his 2008 victory next year, when the 2015 Bassmaster Classic heads to Lake Hartwell, the same location of his winning performance. @JonesProFishing

29. Mark Zona @ZTrain1

Mark Zona knows fishing like the back of his hand. That's why he's one of the most popular television personalities in the fishing industry. Zona hosts the Outdoor Channel show, "Zona's Awesome Fishing Show," and co-hosts the Bassmaster Elite Series on ESPN 2. His wealth of fishing knowledge, undeniable passion and humorous personality have made him one of the most influential personalities in the space. @ZTrain1

30. Charlie Moore @MadFisherman18

Known as the "Codfather" and "The Mad Fisherman," Charlie Moore is one of the most popular personalities in American fishing sports. He's the host of "Charlie Moore: No Offense" on the NBC Sports Network and "Charlie Moore Outdoors" on the New England Sports Network. His Twitter account @MadFisherman18 is an ongoing conversation with people from all over the fishing space. His New England approach to life makes for some great posts.

31. Mercury Marine @MercuryMarine

Mercury Marine is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year, and their longevity speaks to their company as a pillar of the fishing boat market. "The world leader in marine propulsion and technology" is constantly innovating their engines, boats, services and parts for recreational, commercial and government marine uses. You'll see plenty of Mercury boats on the water at this weekend's Bassmaster Classic. Mercury's 10,000+ Twitter followers get a healthy mix of videos, images and news bites from the company and their many pro staff members.

32. World Fishing Network @WFN

This Canadian-based fishing broadcast is fully-dedicated to covering all things fishing. World Fishing Network's programming covers a wide breadth, including gear reviews, profiles of professional anglers, tips and more. Some of their notable personalities include Mariko Izumi. @WFN interacts frequently with their followers and provides updates on their programming.

33. Outdoors Unlimited Magazine  @ODUFishing

ODU Magazine is a prominent online resource for fishing news and and tips from pro and amateur anglers. @ODUFishing is a great twitter follow for anyone interested in staying connected to what's happening in the fishing world. Their magazine has plenty of subscribers, but their Twitter account provides another venue for interaction and information.

34. Skeet Reese @SkeetReese1

Professional angler Skeet Reese was the 2009 Bassmaster Classic Champion and the 2007 Bass Angler of the Year. Reese has a strong social media presence, with nearly 16,500 Twitter followers. He keeps his following frequently updated with how he's doing in the tournaments, often providing real time updates during competitions. Expect a steady stream of tweets from @SkeetReese1 during the 2014 Bassmaster Classic.

35. @AnglinAuthority

Angling Authoriy is a comprehensive online resource for all kinds of anglers. Their website has a treasure trove of how-to videos and interviews with pro anglers on a wide range of topics. They also have several reviews of the latest fishing gear. @AnglinAuthority is connected to both pro and amateur anglers throughout the fishing space, and serves as good all-in-one stop for information about upcoming contests, articles, fishing pics and more.

36. Chris Lane @ChrisLaneFish

Chris Lane is an accomplished and highly skilled pro bass angler. He won the 2012 Bassmaster Classic and has had a number of top finishes in the BASS Elite Series. Lane frequently uses Twitter to talk about the gear he's using and to share tips and tournament activities with his followers. He'll be competing in 2014 Bassmaster Classic, and has already started tweeting about the tournament. @ChrisLaneFish is a solid Twitter follow to get a pro's perspective during the Classic.

37. Vicious Fishing @Viciousfishing 

Vicious Fishing, the "hottest brand on the water or off," provides angling eyewear, tackle, line, apparel and other accessories; you could say they're a one stop shop for everything but the rod and reel. Their pro staff consists of some notable BASS Elite anglers and former as well as current Classic qualifiers. @Viciousfishing's  15,000+ Twitter followers get plenty of news and info on the sponsored team, new products and plenty of ways to "GET VICIOUS."

38. Rich Lindgren @HellaBass

Rich Lindgren is a popular fishing blogger, writer and bass tournament angler. Lindgren's "Bassin Blog" is a great resource for anyone interested in competing in bass tournaments. @HellaBass is a Twitter compatriot with anglers throughout the fishing space. He frequently tweets about pro anglers he's following, and news from FLW, Major League Fishing and BASS tournaments.

39. @rah_fish

Rahfish is an educational resource for bass fishermen. Their content includes interviews with FLW and BASS pro anglers, how-to articles and gear reviews. Their content is written by avid bass fishermen from throughout North America. @rah_fish works to to connect and educate anglers of all skill levels.

40. Bass Fishing Journal @bassfishingjour

Bass Fishing Journal provides a steady stream of fishing news, facts, tips and tournament info. Their Twitter account engages frequently with other influential publications in the space, including BASS How To, ODU Magazine, among others. @bassfishingjouris a solid Twitter follow for anyone wanting to stay up to date in the bass fishing industry.

41. Matt Massey @FallBrawl

Matt Massey is a fishing guru and professional marketer. His tweets cover a broad range of fishing topics from how to maintain an outboard motor to choosing the best bass rig, but he often relates lessons learned from fishing to business and marketing. @FallBrawl is a great follow if you're into business and marketing and love fishing.

42. Angler & Hunter @AnglerandHunter

Angler and Hunter is an online community for outdoorsmen where users can write and compare reviews of fishing guide services, charters, lodges and gear. Angler & Hunter also publishes a weekly news page with stories from the fishing and hunting spaces. @AnglerandHuntermaintains interaction with brands and anglers from across the fishing and hunting worlds.

43. Major League Fishing @MajorLeagueFish

Image: Major League Fishing

Major League Fishing is a relatively new bass fishing competition series, but is shaping up to be one of the leading fishing sports enterprises. In 2012, the organization began airing their Summit and Challenge Cups on the Outdoor Channel. In early February, Major League Fishing added 24 pro anglers and two more events to their calendar. Follow @MajorLeagueFish for news and updates about their competitions.

44. Bass 2 Billfish @Bass2Billfish

Bass2Billfish is a television program that takes people on once-in-a-lifetime fishing trips, usually for offshore angling. The show is hosted by Peter Miller. pro angler and TV personality. Miller, who's also a three-time World Sailfish Championship winner, is one of the most popular personalities in the offshore sport fishing world. Miller uses @Bass2Billfish, along with his personal account, @petermillerfishing to interact with fans and offshore anglers around the world.

45. Jay Grave @jaygrave

Jay Grave is a man who is truly passionate about fishing. That passion shines through in his blog, and his use of his @jaygrave Twitter account. Throughout the years, Grave has worn many fishing hats, including professional bass tournament angler and fishing guide. Nearly everyday, Grave is interacting with anglers throughout the fishing space, sharing info, tips or jokes.

46. Matt Hayes @MattHayesfish

Matt Hayes is a renowned British angler who has been making television programs about fishing for years. He is one of Britain's most prominent anglers, and is a well-respected personality in the international fishing industry. His @MattHayesfish Twitter account interacts with fishermen from around the globe. His followers often share pictures of catches and fisheries from every corner of the world with him. Hayes also owns a fishing lodge in Norway, which he frequently tweets about.

47. Anne Woodcock @LadiesFishing

British angler Anne Woodcock is a prominent voice for women's fishing in the European fishing community. Woodcock also maintains the fishing related Twitter handles@fishtweed and @fishtaysalmon. Woodcock frequently tweets about women's fishing events and interacts with other anglers in the fishing space. Several prominent fishing personalities follow @LadiesFishing.

48. Berkley Fishing @BerkleyFishing 

Berkley Fishing makes some of the best tackle products in the world. Their baits, lures, rods and reels are used by professional and amateur anglers throughout the world. Berkley's 2013 Pro Team includes a few Fishing 50 members: Skeet Reese, Mike Iaconelli, Chris Lane and Ott DeFoe. @BerkleyFishing  offers up some great contests, chance to win gear, deals on products and updates on their pro anglers.

49. Gerald Sensabaugh @Gsensabaugh43

You might be wondering how a retired football player wound up on this list. But former Dallas Cowboy Gerald Sensabaugh is one of the most popular bass anglers on Twitter. Since his retirement from the NFL, Sensabaugh focuses most of his free time on sport fishing. He's also part of the pro angler team for Profound Outdoors, a fishing tackle company comprised of professional and celebrity anglers. Give @Gsensabaugh43 a follow for some fishing mixed with all the other stuff a former NFLer tweets about.

50. Fly Fishing Report @FlyFishReport

The Fly Fishing Report provides well beyond the obvious. Still without a running website, the emerging outlet is working towards providing followers with all the conservation, ecosystem, and other educational information they'll ever need. Any fly fisherman stands to learn a thing or two from @FlyFishReport, even if it's just to find out whether they're biting a nymph or not on their local river.

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