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FishHunter: Portable Fishing Sonar for Your Smartphone [VIDEO]


How many times have you been bank fishing or on a kayak wishing you could use sonar to see if any fish are around? Now you can with FishHunter.

Fish finders are probably one of the most popular fishing accessories and biggest leaps in fishing technology since their invention. Soon after the creation of smartphones and Bluetooth a few people have tried to create portable fish finder devices to be used via an app to help you fish.

Most were up on crowd funding sites and never raised enough capital to begin their production process. FishHunter dodged that route and is now the only available portable smartphone fish finder on the market.

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Its operation is simple, working much like a bobber. Just tie some line to it and simply cast or drop it into the water. Pull the FishHunter app up on your phone and you can now see everything from fish locations, depths, water temperature, and more. It requires no knowledge of how to read a sonar screen to use it. See it in action in the video below.

The fish finder uses military-grade sonar technology encased in a shock-resistant and waterproof rubber case. It is capable of pinging depths down to 120 feet, as well as read water temperatures between -22 and 95 degrees Fahrenheit. It has a battery life of 6-9 hours of continuous use and can remained charged for up to 500 hours if not in use.

The range on the Bluetooth connection is a little limited with a max distance of 80 feet. The sonar is capable of working without a data connection though, so that is a huge plus.

The free FishHunter app is available on both Android and Apple store. It hosts numerous features besides just showing you the sonar feed from the fish finder. It gives weather forecasts, moon phases, a fish database of hundreds of fish, and more. It can also use your GPS to pinpoint marinas, bait shops, other fisherman who use the app, and allow you to save places where you have caught fish before.

When the FishHunter was first released it cost $229.00, which is a little steep for a fish finder. It can now be purchased directly from their website for $169.99. This includes the sonar, charging base, car charger, USB cord, lanyard, and carrying case.

All in all, I am highly impressed by everything FishHunter has done with their product and app. I have been using the app since the start of spring fishing, and plan on ordering the sonar in the next few weeks. Hopefully it will help me find where the trophy fish are hiding in the high traffic public lakes around me.

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FishHunter: Portable Fishing Sonar for Your Smartphone [VIDEO]