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Fishermen Save Blind Dog from Lake in Tennessee

All photos via Tennessean

A fishing guide was out with his clients fishing for bass when they saw a wet ball of fur in the rocks. 

Brian Carper, a local fishing guide in Percy Priest Lake, Tennessee, was out on a fishing day-trip looking for largemouth bass on December 26. Instead they found a 13-year-old blind shih tzu in the rocks that was scared away from its home from thunder the previous night.

The dog, named Tennessee, belongs to missionaries Barbara and Jerry Gibbses who could not be happier that their dog had been found.

"When we got him back it was a reminder to me that God watches over his creatures both great and small," said Barbara Gibbs.

Tennessee, who also has a failing kidney and a hurt leg, went out to go to the bathroom when he got frightened and ran more than a mile to nearby Percy Priest Lake.

The next day Carper took some clients out to go fishing when they came upon the lost dog.

"It blended in with the rocks because it was the same color; kind of that brownish color the same as the lime out there," Carper said. "It was in about 4 to 6 inches of water."

Carper told his clients they would have to take the dog back to the marina and postponed their fishing trip for the day.

"I think when (Tennessee) got down there on the bank, because he could barely see, he was like, 'I just don't know where to go now,' " Carper said. "He was basically stuck in the water. If he would've gone any further he would've drowned. There was no way I could leave him. I would have felt like such a scumbag if I would have just kept fishing and left him there."


The Gibbs family had been looking for Tennessee for 15 hours before they were notified someone had found a lost dog.

Tennessee, his rescuers, and his owners were all overjoyed that this story had a happy outcome.

"I thought he was in a pretty good state of mind and he seemed happy after we cleaned him up," Carper said. "But he was 10 times happier when his family showed up."

All photos via Tennessean


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Fishermen Save Blind Dog from Lake in Tennessee