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Fishermen Rescued Seconds Before Vessel Sinks [VIDEO]

Fishing for mackerel in the North Atlantic proves to be just as dangerous as in the dramatic television series, “The Deadliest Catch.” 

Five Irish fishermen were rescued by British Maritime and Coastguard Agency off the coast of Scotland seconds before their vessel sank.

After battling high winds and taking on water, they were pulled up right before their ship goes under.


The men were quick enough to don lifesaving gear to stop them from being sucked into the frigid water as the boat sank. If you fancy some grilled fish, think of these guys reeling in this delectable food source.

You might hold your breath as you watch the boat be engulfed in sea water as the fishermen cling to the stern during the rescue…I know I did!

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Fishermen Rescued Seconds Before Vessel Sinks [VIDEO]