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Fishermen Reel in Mythical “Tunicorn”

NT News

A group of Australian fishermen were shocked when they reeled in, what appeared to be, a real mythical creature of the deep: the elusive tunicorn. 

After all, the sea has spawned legends of countless imaginary creatures, everything from mermaids to krakens. Maybe some of those wild sailors’ tales were actually true.

As it turns out, however, the creature was actually just a dogtooth tuna with the spine of a sailfish protruding from its head. Kim Haskell, who pulled in the fish, believes it acquired the horn in a close escape from the predator. The spine appears to have missed vital organs and blood vessels and in time, the tuna’s head healed over to hold its new horn in place.

Once he set eyes upon the tunicorn, Haskell said he didn’t gaff it like other game fish, but instead hauled it onto deck relatively unharmed.

Once it was on board, the fishermen were able to pry the horn from the fish’s head and release him back into the ocean. Unfortunately, as if deprived of his magical powers, the fish was quickly set upon by several sharks and eaten.

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Fishermen Reel in Mythical “Tunicorn”