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Fishermen of Reddit Dedicate Catches to Their Biggest Fan: Princess Grandma MaryAnn [PICS]


An elderly woman lives through the catches of the fishermen of Reddit.

Recently Reddit user JenntheMermaid (Jenn) posted a very big thank you to all the anglers who share their catches on the /r/fishing thread. Little did they know, they were helping a very special elderly woman relive some of her greatest memories through their photos and videos.

Jenn explained in the original thread that her grandmother whom she calls, “Princess Grandma MaryAnn”(pictured above), was a huge fisherman in her younger days. Now in her eighties she is in a wheelchair living in a nursing home.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.41.54 PM

A few times a week Jenn visits her beloved grandmother with her Ipad. They sit on her bed and scan through the many catches posted to /r/fishing.

“It reminds her of when we could all go to the lake in the pop-up camper as a family, get in the boats, catch fish all day, and then come back so she could cook them up for us at night,” wrote Jenn in her post. “I know your thinking you’re just posting for a bunch of of salty fisherman, but it’s also for a nursing home-bound 83-year-old lady that I adore.”

The users who post to the page took the thread to heart. For an entire day fishermen from around the world posted photos and dedicated every fish to Princess Grandma MaryAnn.

Princess Grandma MaryAnn was amazed at all the fish dedicated to her as they spent nearly three hours looking at the three pages of photos.

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 2.44.52 PM

“She wanted me to thank all of you for thinking of her,” Jenn wrote in an accompanying thread. “You should have seen the look on her face when I was explaining what went down in here. She just kept saying, ‘All of this is for me?'”

Not only did they help Jenn’s grandma relieve her favorite memories, but gave Jenn a memory with her grandmother she will never forget.

“Hopefully, in MANY years from now when grandma’s gone, I will think back on all of our fun we had together Redditing and it will be a memory that I will always cherish with her.”

Things like this just go to show how strong the outdoor community can be. We all love what we do and love to help others, even if it is to just brighten an old woman’s day.

I would like to tip my hat to all the fishermen who dedicated photos to MaryAnn and to all those who help others with their passion for the outdoors.

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Fishermen of Reddit Dedicate Catches to Their Biggest Fan: Princess Grandma MaryAnn [PICS]