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Fishermen Can’t Believe What This Octopus Can Do [VIDEO]

This octopus is quite the escape artist…

We’ve all seen some big things fit through tiny spaces, but this has to top the list.

The video begins with the fishermen watching the octopus search for a way off the boat and back into the ocean. The cameraman seems to have had some prior experience with octopus, and knows just how crafty they can be, telling everyone that it will surely find a way back in the water.

So when the octopus starts to try and make his way through that tiny opening, everyone gathers around in disbelief and just watches in amazement.


That’s something I would definitely have to see with my own eyes, or on film, for me to believe. It’s pretty incredible what creatures of the underworld are capable of.

I remember when I was younger, someone told me something about childbirth that I will never forget. They said, “It’s like squeezing a watermelon through a hole the size of a lemon.”

Something about this is strangely similar.

The octopus definitely has a talent for slithering through small spaces, and it ultimately impressed everyone on the boat and landed him back in the water.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure whoever made the  comment, “It’s like trying to get my wife in her wedding dress,” will be sleeping alone tonight.

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Fishermen Can’t Believe What This Octopus Can Do [VIDEO]